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Edges (for Ed Casey)

Hello, I’m very excited to release here officially my third watercolor series, titled Edges (for Ed Casey).

This series of experimental watercolors takes its interest from the fascinating book The World on Edge (2017) by my long-term mentor and friend, Ed Casey. It was a genuine pleasure to share an initial version of this project with him and his current graduate seminar, and I thank them for their feedback!

I’d also like to say how wonderful it was to work with composer Daryl Jamieson (@daryljamieson) for the music you’ll here in this video-installation. Daryl and I know each other from junior high school back in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. We recently reconnected and discovered some fascinating overlapping interests through my work in philosophy and his in music and musicology in the context of the Kyoto School. Thank you to Daryl for this wonderful collaboration and be sure to check out the full version of the beautiful piece Stravaig here: and his other compositions on that website.

Please feel free to share this video as you like, and please do be in touch if you have any feedback.

Performance credits for Daryl’s piece: Ko Ishikawa (shō) and Satoko Inoue (piano)

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