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Curfew 3.17+

“The figure’s color is denser and somehow more resistant than the background’s color. … The patch seems to be placed upon the background and does not interrupt it. Each part announces more than it contains, and thus this elementary perception is already charged with a sense.”

Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Curfew 3.17+

The temporality of curfew is discontinuous. Each day suddenly divides differently than before. Rather than light fading into dark, a rigid line appears in both time and space between free and unauthorized movements. What was a whole is now nothing but parts.

And yet when a creative impulse spans this discontinuity, the moments speak and interact across the borders. The parts no longer stop at their borders, they gather forward what has gone by and they announce what is to come. Curfew itself becomes a temporal place by patchwork.

In this curfew painting, a new form was added each night. These barely interacting moments of expression forge the space of single temporal place across discontinuity. They gather and anticipate from their separation toward a one that just might be greater than the sum of its 17 parts. In Curfew 3.17+, color finds its way past the discontinuity.

Musical score by Kevin Gilmore. FOLLOW HIM on InstaGram @kevingilmoreart

22 x 30, watercolor, charcoal, pastel, graphite

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